Purchase or Display Requests

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If you would like to buy or show any of the work found on this site, you can request information by filling out the form on the Contact page, or by clicking the artist’s name in the footer of the site. Your interest is sincerely appreciated. Count on a response as soon as possible.

Sales Disclaimer

Art is sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Some pieces on this site are in current exhibits, and may already be purchased at time of your request. Every effort will be made to keep the list below updated to accurately reflect inventory of pieces. Please check it regularly!

Consignment Items

Consignment work are paintings on display at a venue who may or may not have exclusive rights to sell. No artwork is on consignment at this time.

Damaged/Unavailable Works

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances lead to art being damaged. In Colorado’s wild weather patterns, this is certainly a common problem. Works listed here are damaged and should be considered unavailable, until removed from this list. In some instances, the artwork has been irreparably damaged. The canvas will then be re-tasked, and the artwork will be permanently unavailable.

  • Ancestor Spirits (Portfolio)

List of Purchased Works

  • Bending Dawn (Landscape Gallery 1)
  • Bird of Embers (Animism Gallery 2)
  • Blood Bear (Animism Gallery 3)
  • Bottled (Portfolio)
  • Cave Scripture (Animism Gallery 2)
  • Cave Walker (Animism Gallery 3)
  • City’s Totem (City Gallery)
  • Dancer’s Sky (Goddess Gallery 2)
  • Disenchanted Forest (Landscape Gallery 1)
  • Dress Fell Like a Waterfall (Goddess Gallery 2)
  • Foundation (Goddess Gallery 5)
  • Free (Goddess Gallery 5)
  • Freedom Flight (Goddess Gallery 4)
  • Her Wake (Goddess Gallery 2)
  • Make a New Day (Goddess Gallery 5)
  • Moondrowned (Portfolio)
  • Nightwave (Portfolio)
  • Partners in Dance (Goddess Gallery 4)
  • Punishment (Nightmare Gallery 1)
  • Red Sea (Portfolio)
  • Reflections (Portfolio)
  • Sea Meets Sky (Ocean Gallery 1)
  • She-Wave (Goddess Gallery 3)
  • Spiral Away (Goddess Gallery 3)
  • The Forest Reborn From Fire (Landscape Gallery 2)
  • Two Skies (Landscape Gallery 1)
  • Violet Streak (Goddess Gallery 1)
  • Willow (Animism Gallery 1)
  • Yoga (Animism Gallery 3)
Thunderbird pic


Bending Dawn pic

Bending Dawn