Cities, Landscapes, and Nightmares Series

Urban Disparity, Internal Scenery, and Water Pressure

City images reflect the contrast of the organic attempting to depict man-made constructs. Buildings and structures are rendered in a distorted style, which attempts to capture the energy, noise and possible pollution (external and internal) of an urban environment. Stark vertical shifts in the buildings are set against the more flowing, horizontal waves of the ambiguous backdrops.

For Waveform Expressionism, land and sea scapes are more than vistas — they convey emotional states through intense flow, texture and lighting. Three-dimensional space is not as valued as eliciting an emotional reaction or connection for the viewer. In these scenes, the palette knife seems either the wanderer, or the vessel lost at sea. Level of internal agitation or serenity is revealed based on the travels and thickness of oil paint across the canvas. Three-dimensional detail once again takes a back seat to spiritual affect.

Nightmares chronicle edgier explorations in the Waveform Expressionist style. Unconventional texture patterns and lighting are used to recount more somber sentiments and social commentary.