The Crest of the Wave

The Crest of the Wave

The above slideshow gallery represents early explorations towards the Waveform Expressionist style. They are key frames focusing on movement, texture, and light. The ‘wave’ in “Waveform” does not refer to “sea scapes.” I view waves as a primal archetype of movement — a starting point. The color palettes of these early paintings echo the focus on ‘water’ as a symbol of motion, with their green and blue tones.

The first slide, Tentacle Garden, demonstrates the ‘darker’ side of Waveform Expressionism, as seen in the Nightmare Gallery. Tendrils rise up from a nondescript source, taking almost human forms. The size of elements across the composition, along with a vague light source from the left, create the illusion of distance. However, the focal point of the piece is still movement.

The second slide, Snow Wave, blurs reality by melding a snowy landscape with an almost surreal water/wave effect. There are still elements of realism here, with some attention paid to three-dimensional space. Slide 3, Arc, explores an ocean wave by focusing on dramatic movement and accentuating blotches of color. Texture creates the sense of space.

The fourth slide, Green Bend, represents a dramatic shift away from conventional notions of depth. It focuses on seductive flow across the canvas, and color blends which abet that flow. Slide 5, Bridge, Building Up, takes that movement one step further, abstracting a female form within what appears to be a nocturnal shore front scene.

Attention to space has changed across these slides. I’m still attempting to render tangible dimensions in the first slide image. By the last picture, it’s clear I’m concentrating on movement and lighting, rather than three-dimensional views. I’m trying to “draw in the viewer” with something other than depth of field, and place the ‘focus’ on emotional impact. If you are an artist, how much emphasis do you put on depth? How do you draw in your audience?


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