About This Site

Green Figures

Artist Statement

The ‘mission statement’ and focus of Waveform Expressionism as an art style across media.

Artist Biography

My short biography, including some information of the artistic inspiration and process for my work.


The Portfolio offers descriptions, as well as opportunity for discussions. Each portfolio entry features a slideshow with zoomed-in details of the work. Thumbnails below the slides will open galleries with full views of the pieces.

Additional Galleries

The ‘Sorted Galleries’ tabs are drop-menus with links to thumbnail galleries for further exploration in the art style, with general commentary. Categories include:

  • ‘Animisms’ for nature spirits and abstract concepts (such as “thought”).
  • ‘Cities’ for cityscapes and building scenes.
  • ‘Goddesses’ for abstract explorations of the female form.
  • ‘Landscapes’ for scenery painted with a twist.
  • ‘Nightmares’ for darker and edgier explorations.
  • ‘Oceans’ for seascapes and water bodies.


The Exhibition History page provides a curriculum vitae of current and past events where Waveform Expressionist paintings have been on professional display.

Purchasing or Displaying Work

If you’d like to learn how to purchase paintings or prints from this site, or check to see what originals have been sold, click here. List is updated as often as possible.


The Blog will feature ideas and inspiration that have influenced and continue to affect me as an artist. There will be glimpses into the process of building my art, style, and this site.


The Contact page contains a form which provides companies, establishments, and organizations with a means for getting in touch with the artist regarding purchasing or exhibiting work.